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Follow your passion, they said. So, I am...

But what happens if I have several passions? The simple answer: I invite them all to play.

Mother Creek Haven is the culmination of my passions at perfect play.

The common thread that connects all of them is partnership. My greatest interest is in helping to co-create, nurture and hold space for others as they face new challenges and changes in their lives… whether it’s welcoming a baby into the world, exploring new avenues for personal growth or transitioning from one career to the next. It’s all about working together to discover and connect with what’s important and meaningful to you. It’s so valuable to have a guide to support the process. And that’s why I’m here -- to be your partner in change.

I’m in the process of expanding this web site to reflect the diversity of ways that I’m dedicated to working in partnership with clients. At present, it’s a little chaotic; a little messy. Ah, but life is messy, isn’t it?

Hang tight while I sort through everything, and please visit again in the coming weeks to catch up with me. I promise it will be a fun journey together.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or want information about specific services, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at

​Love and blessings…       ​Nora Place Morbeck